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July 24 2005

New features and changes in the CVS tree! hacburn now has ID3v2 tag support (at the moment there are no plans for ID3v1 support) as well as ogg vorbis tags support. Also it appears CD copying can now be done from the main window. Until an official release is made all changes will be available only via CVS.

June 30 2005

hacnslash is back from Romania and back into hacburn! Expect to see some updates soon. Until then check back every now and then. P.S.: 'twas good to see ya man! ;)

May 29 2005

hacburn-0.3.5 has been released! Click here to go to the download page. This new release has some new features so it has a few more dependencies. Check the FAQ for details. Also, hacnslash will be missing in action until late June so no further development to hacburn will occur until then. Hope you enjoy this new release (and use it to share some information)!

May 17 2005

hacburn is slowly growing into a new release so make sure you check back often! Also, the FAQ page has been updated.

April 27 2005

hacburn is alive and well. Recent changes include ripping support for audio CDs and fstab-scanning for burning devices. Also there's been a change in the version numbering scheme to include minor versions beginning with version 0.3.5 - the next releases will be in the form of 0.3.6{7|8|9}.

April 18 2005

There are now 2 (!) individuals involved in the hacburn project: the founder and main/only developer of hacburn, hacnslash, who is currently working on some new features and I, Access Excess, have been trusted with the role of webmaster and as such I did a little polishing here and there, especially in the FAQ area. Keep visiting weekly for updates! ;)

April 02 2005

I suggest everybody upgrade to gtk2-perl 1.0.80 and gtk 2.6 asap as the next release of HacBurn will be developed using these.

March 27 2005

I've been working on adding ripping support over the past couple days. CDParanoia is going to become a dependency soon as well as the CDDB_get perl module. I haven't commited any of the changes yet as they are pretty drastic, I'd rather have it all working first. Also it has been pretty obvious that HacBurn has rather crappy error handling, it will also be worked on before the next release.

March 22 2005

After a long hiatus of over a month, I give to you HacBurn-0.3. This new release features a bunch of improvements. Check it out on the download page.

February 14 2005

Well, Happy Valentine's Day. After much wrestling with cvs I think it's finally about ready to be used. For some reason webview is sucky and won't update in real time. I'm sure it'll get with the program sooner or later. Stay tuned . . .

February 11 2005

Great news, the project has gained a developer. Jonathan Rosenbaum (http://sourceforge.net/users/freesource/) has joined the development team. Also, since there are now two developers, the CVS has been set up. So from now on the development page is deprecated, although I will leave it up, don't use it, just grab the cvs. And on that note, go grab the cvs, there have been a lot of improvements, warnings, errors, and the ide bus scanning actually works! Scsi bus scanning will be implemented in the near future.

February 9 2005

A wild "\" was discovered in the HacBurn-0.2 release today. I uploaded hacburn14.pl to the development folder that fixes that random "\" (just fyi it broke audio burning :D ). hacburn14.pl also uses the /proc filesystem to scan for drives instead of using the extremely flaky hack grepping dmesg output. Check it out. This should have been the 0.2 release :D

February 9 2005

HacBurn-0.2 has been released. It is identical to hacburn13.pl in the development folder. Head on to the download page (top nav bar) to check it out.

February 7 2005

Just uploaded hacburn12.pl to the development directory. If all goes well with testing this build it should become HacBurn-0.2 in a matter of one or two days. Also, there has been a minor site update, and that is the inclusion of the direct link (on the left) to the development folder. Soon I will set up a screenshot directory.

February 6 2005

Uploaded hacburn11.pl to the development page. It doesn't actually work, but it shows the change from gtk2::entry to gtk2::comboboxentry widgets that's in progress.

February 3 2005

I added a little more to the faq and a new unstable build on the development page. Come on people, I need some feedback, my email is right at the top *points up*.

January 30 2005

Just a little update to say one thing: I am not going to be using cvs for HacBurn. It's too small of a project, monolithic and cvs would be definite overkill. Just wanted to mention that. That being out of the way, please, send me your questions/rants/comments/feature requests, I want to hear them all.

January 29 2005

HacBurn-0.1 is upon us. Hurry to the download page and grab it while it's hot. Don't try to burn audio discs with it yet though ;) Check out some screenshots of Hacburn-0.1: Screenshots

January 23 2005

Trying to upgrade gtk+ to 2.6.1 on my main workstation yielded an unusable gnome so HacBurn development will have to be put on hold for maybe 2 days until i recompile and set up everything. No idea why this happened.

January 22 2005

The site has been taking shape nicely. Still no files up but there soon will be.

January 18 2005

This is the HacBurn project homepage. There will be more updates as the site building finishes.